2nd Term English

Clara´s holidays

Hi, I´m Clara. What a coincidence! I´ve always wanted to go to the USA and this summer, I´m not sure, I´m going there, on holiday too, well not exactly to New York. I´m going to the state of New Jersey, I´m going to Barnegat to visit my family. I´m gonna sleep in Barnegat at my aunt´s house, but during the day I´m gonna travel arround the state. Some days I´ll go to NY, I´ll visit Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.
The other days I´m going to Forked River to visit my cousins, I´m gonna travel to Virginia where my great grandfather worked and I´m gonna fish in my cousins´s boat, and if I have time I´d like to see a New Jersey Nets´match. I´m going to enjoy myself a lot.

Barnegat´s localitation:


Times Square:

New York:

Iago's holiday

Hi, I'm Iago. I'm going to tell to you my plans for the week that I will stay in New York.
First, on Monday, I'm going to take a plane in Madrid's airport. I expect to arrive to New York at night. I'm sleeping in a hotel in Manhattan.
On Tuesday, I'm going to visit the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Probably, I'll take some wonderful photos. After that, I'm going to take the underground to Chinatown.
On Wednesday, I'm going to stay to Central Park. I'm going to spend all the day here, because it is oversize. I'm going to enter to the zoo.
On Thursday, I'm going to walk around Times Square and Broadway. Then, if I have enough time, I'm going to go to the Upper West Side.
On Friday, I am going to see the Hudson River Bay and the World Trade Center (or what's left of it). After that, I'm going to watch the Brooklyn Bridge.
Finally, on Saturday, I'm going to visit the famous Statue of Liberty. Then, I'm going to do a trip by boat through the Hudson River.
On Sunday, I'm going to go to Laguardia Airport to take a plane to Spain.
I wish enjoy this trip.