Charles Autobiography

Patience by Take That

Clara's Description

Charles Description

Clara´s voki

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Conversation at a clothes shop

Pablo's Description

Iago's Friends

Rebeca & Chus's voki :)

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Marcos' Description

Obama's Description

Mysterious Student's Voki

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Arba´s Voki (Alba Gil)

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Hi, I´m Arba´s Voki
I have brown short straigh hair.
I have big brown eyes, small nose and small mouth.
I wearing a pink T-shirt and blue jeans.
I love drawing and the outdoors.

johnny be god-Chuck Berry

Adrian D

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the killers- Human

scissors sisters i don't feel like dancing

Pablo C.'s Voki (?)

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Sofía and Antía's Voki

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Hi! I'm Sofía and Antía's Voki. I'm pretty and cool. I'm tall and thin. I have got short, brown and straight hair.

This is Bruno's Voki

Get a Voki now!Hello!!!I´m Bruno´s Voki.My name is Hot Dog and I´m blond.My body is orange.I´m got blue eyes and red mouth.I´m wearing a brown jacket.I´m a paviment artist and paint with ketchup and mustard.

voki pablo hernadez

hi,americans and all world this sentence was write by pablohervic and he says that:i think that english teacher margarita is the best english teacher of the world

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highway to hell -acdc

I like AC DC and I like this song. for me is one of their best songs.

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Hi, my name is Raul and this is my voki. My voki is fun.

hello, i am Adrian .I´m veri funny and attractive, but i am a little fat.

jajajajajajajajaja.     XDXDXDXDXDXDXD

Hi!!My name is Charles. I am fourteen years old. I am tall and black hair. I am friendly, funny and talented
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3ºA's lonely Voki

Hi! I'm the saddest little elf. My parents (third ESO A) think 
I'm not cool enough to have a voice and talk to you!