This is a picture of my cousin Jack.He has got blond straight hair and blue eyes.Your nose is big and short.He has got big mouth and white teeths.His tongue is long and red.He looks like a crazy man because your face is strange and funny.

My description

  This is a picture from my village, called Cobas. It's situated in Valdeorras' region. You can see the small village in the center of the photo.
  There is a valley, the Sil river's valley. The river forms a reservoir, but it is empty; you only can see the natural course from the river. On the left, there is the railway and the village's railway station. The village is situated on a slope. Above the village is the road. And over the road, in this peak, there is a small cave.
  It is sunny with some small clouds.
  It's a very beautiful landscape.


Happy New Year

                           Well, I think  that the book it's very long!!!!